Harvest Technology

Our group

PTL Malta is part of Harvest, Hili Ventures Technology Division. 

Harvest Technology is a group of technology-based activities brought together by design to create a critical mass of management expertise, technological prowess and operational excellence. Its team comprises more than 100 technology, sales and project management professionals.

By partnering a range of best-in-class brands Harvest’s companies deliver superior, innovative technologies to clients in myriad sectors including banking, aviation, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, state agencies, gaming, retail and hospitality.

Its core focus areas include business integration, enterprise-wide solutions, contracted outsourcing, tailored payment solutions, automation and business intelligence solutions, merchant services, software development,  and physical security systems.

Harvest Technology draws together:

  • PTL Limited
  • Apco Limited
  • Apco Systems
  • Stride Technology
  • Eunoia Limited.

Across its activities in various industries and markets, Harvest Technology enjoys high-level technological, operational, and management expertise, resulting in multi-level synergies.

As a subsidiary of Hili Ventures, Harvest Technology is able to tap into the commercial expertise and experience of a group present in more than 12 countries across Europe and North Africa with a team of 3,500 people.

Besides Harvest Technology, Hili Ventures has five other divisions engaged in engaged in multi-sited activities in partnership with McDonald’s and Apple, logistics, engineering, technology and property.

Hili Ventures is a proud partner of Allison, Apple, Cisco, CMA CGM, Hoffmann, IBM, Konecranes, Lenovo, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NCR, and Terberg, and many others.