Industry: Managed Services

Has your business grown faster than your IT team?

PTL’s Managed Services package provides comprehensive IT services and support to relieve you of burdensome technology matters. That way, you are able to focus on serving your own customers better and winning new ones. Acting as a single point of contact, PTL’s team of experts is able to provide a wide range of technology-related services to reinforce your IT capabilities, fill technology gaps, and even collate the data you need to submit business proposals.

Comprehensive, scheduled & emergency, on-site services for your IT systems

Your software systems and IT are critical to your business operations and key to staying agile and ahead of your competition. However, these systems come at a cost. The purchase price of any system is a small proportion of the total cost over its lifetime. Do you have one or more technical staff? Are they the right people, qualified to deal with complex technical tasks? Are your systems protected from failure and disaster recovery?

Whether it is to supplement an existing complement of in-house technology people, create timely support function or be your outsourced IT staff, PTL can help you in a cost effective manner. PTL offers a large compliment of full time professional ICT staff, trained and certified in a large multitude of disciplines. Our service provides for regular maintenance visits as well as a responsive callout service. With PTL, your company can have a large accessible IT team, all at an affordable price.


What is PTL providing?

Depending upon the plan selected, PTL will provide the following:

- Pre planned and regular visits to the customers site for lower-priority, day-to-day IT administration
- On-call service, where we will respond in a timely manner either remotely or on-site to fix a problem
- Business hours or extended hours availability, as required
- Remote monitoring of customers critical systems in order to pre-empt any issues which may arise
- Services covering a large array of software and hardware technologies.

What is covered by pre-planned visits?

Our experience shows many companies often experience issues not critical to business operations. These may include enabling a printer to be shared by new staff, configuring Office automation software or setting up a new network point and performing system health checks. For these, PTL will visit the customer either personally or via remote sharing software at a prescheduled and regular time, reducing unnecessary down time and increasing daily productivity.

If I have an urgent problem, how will PTL help?

Issues will arise that need timely attention. Contacting our service desk by phone or email initiates our response team. Their job is to understand the nature of the issue and get in contact with the appropriate person within your company. Our service desk staff will keep you informed with the progress of your request up to the point where you are handed over to your assigned IT professional for remote or on site assistance.


The Managed Services portfolio includes:


Backed by years of experience in several industries,PTL delivers best practice and industry standard procedures. We provide assistance in IT security compliance, design and implementation of IT infrastructure, project management, IT strategic planning and budgeting and risk management.

Single Point of Contact

PTL’s service desk will receive your call and provide initial assistance. The call is escalated to PTL’s specialists to provide remote support or schedule a site visit.

Vendor Management

PTL coordinates services with other providers including telecom carriers, hardware vendors and office equipment suppliers.

Procurement Management

PTL collates information for requests of interest and produces detailed, project-specific documentation. PTL invites service providers to submit their proposals to the client. PTL supports clients to derive the best value from software licensing investments.

Desktop Support

PTL’s support includes; PC, laptop and tablet installation, installation of local and network printers, connecting devices (laptop, printer, etc.) to client’s domain, operating system configurations (Windows, Linux, iOS and Android), configuration of shared drives and configuration of VPN’s to allow users to connect to client’s office, installation and configuration of desktop backups, antivirus, spam and malware removal and prevention, installation of standard packages and third party software.

Hardware Support

Cleaning of PC’s, laptops and printers, hardware inspection and repairs.

Network Infrastructure

Network design, cabling, CAT 5 and CAT 6 certifications, provision and installation of data cabinets. Termination in CAT 6 patch panels and outlets for both data and voice. Installation and configuration of modems, firewalls, routers and switches.

IT Security

PTL provides network penetration surveys and network vulnerability scanning.

Network and Server Security Lockdown

Lockdown Windows and Linux Servers, routers and firewalls. Application of group policies to enforce password policies, screen savers and incorrect password lockout.


PTL provides network diagrams and documentation including hardware and software inventory, documentation of group policies and maintenance plans.

Database Administration

Support on MS SQL, Oracle MySQL, DB2 and Informix. PTL establishes maintenance plans and optimization services..


Hardware installation including firmware upgrades, configuration and maintenance. Installation and maintenance on VMWare and Hyper-V environments. Installation and maintenance of operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux and AIX. Support on active directory. Setting up, maintenance, testing and validation of backups. Daily, weekly, monthly, and periodical server checks.

On Boarding and Off Boarding of Users

Active directory accounts creation, enabling and disabling and deletion. E-mail accounts. Format and installation of PC, laptop and tablets and setting up of smartphones. Creation and deletion of users using MS Office 365 and Azure.

Application Support

Third party application support (as agreed with the client’s software application vendor).

Network Operations Centre Tasks

Establishment of agent-based server and network equipment daily reports. Remote monitoring of server room environment. Backups monitoring. Remote monitoring of antivirus consoles.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Set-up and testing of business continuity and IT recovery plans. PTL draws up procedures and documentation in case of crisis management.

Other Services

Other Managed Services include preparation of ISO and financial audits related to IT.



Watch our Managed Services video to find out more about how PTL's Managed Services packages can help improve your business!

Main Benefits


Over 100 qualified staff, trained and certified in a wide variety of technologies covering all areas of mobile, PC, servers, software and networking.


Our dedicated staff, service desk and ability to provide the right qualified resource at the right time ensures that all your IT problems can be dealt with effectively , the first time and every time.

Cost Effective

Your business gains a large IT team, qualified in a multitude of technologies and disciplines, all for a starting price far less than your own, enabling you to keep your costs in check in these economic times.