For all those times that something, somehow, on some IT system, goes wrong ......

Some days, when doing business, everything just seems to go wrong – starting from a glitch on your notebook or you have suddenly lost the connection to your network just when you need to print that important document, right through to the most complex and deeply technical issues.

That is why PTL has such a large team of people with such diverse skills, to ensure your technical issues can be addressed in the best way. We offer a full range of services and support contracts to complement your business criticality

With the increasing use of technology in businesses of all sizes, there is a growing requirement to provide technical support well beyond that which one or even a small team of in-house IT people, have the skills or experience to offer.

Outsourcing this need for technical support to PTL allows you to maintain a high availability of service. Such need may result from peaks in call volumes during the day, periods of high activity due to introduction of new products or maintenance service packs, or the requirement to provide customers with a high level of service at a low cost to the business. For businesses needing technical support, outsourcing enables your employees to focus more on their work in order to maintain productivity. It also enables you to utilize specialized personnel whose technical knowledge base and experience may exceed the scope of the business, thus providing a higher level of technical support to your employees than would be economically possible.