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Malta's most innovative and rapidly growing businesses achieve operational excellence with Access.

Access is a leading author of fully integrated business management software. The portfolio spans solutions for ERP, finance, HR, payroll, warehousing, business intelligence, professional service automation and manufacturing. More than 10,000 companies worldwide and not-for-profit organisations use Access solutions to improve their performance, profitability and drive growth, unlocking their business potential through improved business insight.

Access provides industry-specific solutions in the market and templated solutions for rapid and easy deployment. Automate operations, streamline processes and share business information anytime, anywhere.

Example Solutions


More than 700 manufacturers rely on the Access ERP portfolio to drive down costs and increase efficiency throughout their operations. Manage your entire supply chain from procurement and planning to production and warehousing - all through one integrated solution. With full integration from financials, projects and planning to production, after sales and delivery, information is only ever entered once and shared at every stage.

Business Intelligence

Smart businesses put Business Intelligence software (BI) at the heart of their operations. Access BI and reporting solutions allow decision-makers to analyse company data, collaborate with colleagues, identify issues, spot opportunities, and decide ways forward in real time. This level of insight allows informed decisions to be made and future business scenarios to be anticipated. Agile business intelligence doesn't even need a meeting room: simply join the discussion on your mobile or tablet.


From marketing campaigns and opportunity pipeline management to field sales, telesales and account management, our CRM solutions for commercial organisations enable you to oversee your future prospected sales and allocate your resources accordingly. Empower your staff to organise their activities around a customer-centric system that provides total flexibility in workload management.