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Cost-Effective and Highly-Compatible Disaster Tolerant Technology

Cost-Effective and Highly-Compatible Disaster Tolerant Technology Veeam leverages virtualisation, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data centre to save time, mitigate risks, quickly recover data and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.

By partnering with Veeam, we can provide businesses with the means to ensure availability for any application and any data, across any cloud infrastructure, through instant data recovery, multi-cloud data management and migration tools and by providing actionable insights for data management, operational performance, and compliance.

If your organisation is running either the VMware or Microsoft’s Hyper-V, you can benefit from Veeam's technology to either run disaster tolerant backups or replicate the entire system to another standby host. Backup and replication are part of an overall disaster recovery or high availability plan. We provide all compatible applications and professional consultancy to enable our clients to create the right set-up that allows them to take advantage of the features in this package.

Products We Offer:

  • Veeam Availability Suite
  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Veeam Availability Platform
  • Veeam ONE

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Why us?


Business Benefit-Oriented

We aim to deliver business benefit to our customers. We invest time in getting to know you. At first, we understand your goals and create a clear plan to achieve them. We assess progress at every target along the way and after the project is completed.


Attention to Customers

We value collaboration with our customers. Our developers and account and project managers listen closely and communicate clearly to assure project success. Whether you’re large or small, you can expect the same attention to detail and a friendly, responsive service.


Technology You Can Trust

Together with our global leading software and hardware partners, we offer best of breed technology for enhanced performance and scalability. We make sure our products serve you in the long term to maximise your return on investment.

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PTL Limited forms part of Harvest, the Hili Ventures Technology Division. Harvest delivers system engineering, software development, security solutions, e-payments platform, business intelligence as well as other IT Services. With Harvest management expertise, technological prowess and operation excellence is guaranteed.

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