Industry: Distribution

Speed and accuracy are paramount

Since 1998, we have helped countless leading wholesale and distribution businesses to drive cost and efficiency improvements. Within your industry, all types of distributors use our products to gain competitive advantage: from food, pharmaceutical, health care and spare parts to storage and building suppliers.

How do we achieve success? First, we integrate all your business information so that it’s always accurate. Then, we use workflow and automation technology to streamline the full sales process. Finally, we give you the crystal clear management information you need for growth.

Key Focus Areas

Integrate your supply chain

Our solutions integrate with best-of-breed applications (including websites) enabling a continuous flow of information between your warehouses, sales, and back office. This significantly reduces duplication and errors and makes it easier for customers to make purchases.

Mobility in Sales Management

Streamline and speed up the sales process, from mobile order processing to stock monitoring and right up to payment collection, so your sales representatives have more time to pursue additional business productively.

Business Intelligence

Convert your raw data into a valuable and presentable format, quickly and cost-effectively with our business intelligence tools, allowing you to concentrate on analysing critical reports and valuable analytical queries.

Warehouse Management

Optimise space, reduce wastage and monitor performance with our solution, the market-leading warehouse management system for third party logistics, distributors, manufacturers and bonded warehouse operators.