Sector: Hospitality

We have decades of experience in hospitality

In the tourism and hospitality industry, every business decision, everything you do in every department centres on providing first-class, personalised service to every guest. Your hotel systems should work in the same way.  At PTL, this is something we understand in depth. From decades of serving a large and thriving hotel industry in our home market Malta, we have gained unrivalled insight into the sector. Since the early 1990s, PTL has provided industry-leading software, point-of-sale hardware and procurement services to the industry.  

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Example Solutions


We supply best-of-breed brand solutions and have channelled our experience in the sector into devising a powerful software suite - Prospero Hotel Management System, which puts a complete set of tools for selling and delivering personalised guest services at your fingertips. Prospero stands out for its ability to make the most of the power of the latest .NET technology, coupled with our extensive understanding of the hotel management environment. The result is a system that truly enables you to focus on the needs of your guests and on managing the profitability of your business.


PTL provides holistic solutions that fully exploit the advantages of digital surveillance, harnessing them to work in tandem with appropriate analogue solutions. By digitising your physical security you can ensure you not only increase your capabilities, but also save in terms of time and costs of securing your premises, stock, and other collateral, as well as in the gathering, collating and processing of data. Integrating your physical security with your IT networks can help you increase your efficiency, maximise on your outlay for security, and create cost-effective, permanent, searchable legacy of data.


We cater for an array of IT solutions. One key area is network infrastructure solutions (servers, IT security, e-mail management, internet connectivity, and anti-virus). This has enabled us to deliver optimal effectiveness and value for money while significantly reducing the risks involved in bringing a number of technology components together from different technology suppliers.