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What is møde247?

møde247 connects to your calendar creating more flexibility in checking availability and in booking from any device wherever you are. With møde247 you can forget about interrupting your colleagues during their meetings and they will no longer disturb you. Keeping things clear and organized with our all-in-one scheduling product avoids interruptions entirely.

møde247 features

Syncing with your calendar

møde247 is compatible with Gmail, Office365 and Microsoft Exchange. It is also accessible on your mobile device which means you can check availability, access shared calendars and schedule meetings on the go.

User-friendly experience

Simple and fast, møde247 is easy to use and clear to understand. With colour coding to identify vacant, booked or conflicting room availabilities, booking meeting spaces from your mobile device has never been easier.

Multiple Display Modes

møde247 is equipped with multiple display modes enabling you to view different rooms or events. møde247 can display room views where 1 or 2 meeting rooms are viewed at the same time, useful for instant availability checks and it can also display daily current events where an entire day’s schedule is mapped out for you to see.

Customisable Features

Make your room more personalized by adding images and choosing whether to show your meeting title or keep it private.

Easy set-up

Setting up with møde247 is easy. Our specialists will come to you and configure a complete installation on your ISS server while mobile devices can be installed by scanning a QR Code. There’s no extra software needed, everything integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with your existing  IT environment.

Safe and reliable features

møde247 uses your secure local infrastructure and sends you an email notification when device loses connection to web service. 


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