News: Priceless peace of mind through reliable and sustainable retail solutions


Retailers need to survive in a very competitive market where price-wars are the norm and new competition is flourishing meters away. For the consumer, this means variety of selection and also the ability to seamlessly shift from one retailer to another. For the retailer, this means having to take advantage of every single selling opportunity. Nothing needs to in any way limit or hinder the maximising of such opportunities, especially not the retail solution supporting the commercial activity. Just imagine a Point of Sale (POS) system not working on Boxing Day or on the first day of a huge sales drive – the inevitable loss of sales but more importantly the loss of face and clientele could burden the retailer with a cost that is very difficult to recover from.

Modern retail solutions provide the infrastructure required to ensure that such situations do not occur and that the implemented hardware and software systems are robust enough to work when they have to. The noise of OPOS (OLE for Retail POS) compatible hardware where the scanner scans, printer prints and drawer opens reliably every time is music for any retailers’ ears but it should not stop there. The software data is to be hosted on high availability database engines like Microsoft SQL which provide possibility of replication, backups and mirroring across servers in case of hardware failure. Reporting tools, which provide the quick information retailers need to adjust strategic decisions, are to be provided on adequate platforms such as Crystal Engines to ensure that the right information is available at the right time.

Nevertheless, hardware and software needs to be supported and any real retailer knows that when problems arise peace-of-mind comes from knowing that the rapid support of their IT business partner is on the way; business partner who understand, breaths and lives retail. In todays’ retail market where everything has a price tag, peace-of-mind is priceless.

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