News: Start-IT-up

Starting a business is a big step that is not for the faint hearted.  Entrepreneurs who take this step are usually driven by a strong sense of purpose and have a tenacity that steers them to take up the challenge and dominate the niche that they have identified.  This process involves high elements of risk and of the unknown as well as a great reliance on external factors outside the business’ control.

Start-ups are driven by passion and by purpose and they need to be extremely wise with their investments and choices especially in the areas of IT and security, two independent yet very inter-related areas that enable businesses to operate smoothly, keep constantly connected and ensure that their online and international presence continues to flourish despite their current size and resource limitations.

The delicate balance that needs to be struck between choosing a provider that will simply get the job done versus choosing a provider that will understand, consult and support the start-up in its current phase and future growth is a daunting task that, just like starting up in the first place, requires nerves of steel.  It is the choice between a short-sighted technical approach and a more long-term partnership with a reliable and trusted provider who can understand what the start-up business really requires to succeed.  It is the choice between a pure technical supplier or a trusted partner who can appreciate the start-up’s vision, share its drive and support its growth.