Partners: Oracle

Less Complexity, More Innovation

Oracle helps customers implement best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, business analytics, and risk compliance management. Our deep portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs, including social relationship management, customer relationship management, procurement, and supply chain management.

Example Solutions


Whether you choose an on-premise or a cloud-based model, Oracle's application strategy is to offer choice and flexibility with the most comprehensive, modern, and secure portfolio of products and services to fit your business needs. Cloud-based SaaS applications can be used to empower your people, ensuring they have access to the data, applications and features they need to carry out their tasks more effectively.


Oracle Databases help customers lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling consolidation onto database clouds and engineered systems like Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance. Proven to be fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage, Oracle Database 12c is ideally suited for all types of database workloads including enterprise applications, data warehouses, and big data analysis.

Oracle Database High Availability

Oracle has been hard at work for more than three decades, helping IT solve challenges by designing comprehensive high availability capabilities integrated into the database. This innovation results in high availability solutions that give true competitive advantages to enterprises, by helping them achieve service level objectives for high availability in the most cost-effective manner.