Sector: Telecoms

Smarter Telecom: Innovation and Agility

The telecom industry can look forward with optimism to the years ahead, thanks to healthy demand for mobility and data services. Operators are rolling out new-generation networks, and complementary technologies are further enhancing broadband. Meanwhile, a steady stream of new devices and services capable of exploiting that bandwidth is becoming available.

While current and emerging services provide tremendous value, telecom companies must maintain consumer confidence, in particular by understanding their customer trends and needs and addressing ongoing privacy and security concerns.

Key Focus Areas

CRM and Business Analytics

With software solutions from IBM and Panorama, telecom companies can gain faster insights, enable real-time decision-making and deliver customised experiences that increase customer loyalty and attract new customers. By integrating CRM and business analytics that are specially designed and priced for this industry, businesses can gain valuable insights from customer data to enhance the customer experience, while adding to their bottom line.

Access Control Systems

Keep personnel and assets safe and secure. PTL specialises in enterprise-grade security solutions for building access control and business access identification. Access control systems manage your business’s physical security by ensuring that only authorised people are allowed to enter and exit designated areas. Plus, track personnel, centrally manage access data including employee credentials, time and attendance information.

Surveillance & Detection

Pacom offers comprehensive solutions that protect any critical infrastructure organisation from security threats; providing early detection and alerts of any potential security breach, while ensuring that access is restricted to authorised personnel. In particular, Pacom provides expertise in multi-site security management.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

To compete in today’s economy you need an infrastructure that is agile enough to change as rapidly as your business strategies. That flexibility requires a high level of integration, which is why IBM takes a comprehensive view of IT operations. IBM’s wide range of options offers you the chance to customise a solution around highly scalable servers and storage devices. By doing more with less, you can regain control of your infrastructure and reduce energy and facilities costs.