Solutions: Cheque Processing

Are you looking for a solution for your central and commercial bank transaction processing?

Payments are evolving and the ways in which they need to be processed are changing. Banks must adapt their infrastructure and modify their practices to meet the demands of the new electronic marketplace.

Banks are adopting newer technologies that transform the paper cheque. 'Electronic' cheques allow faster payment clearing and settlement, reducing costs and saving time, so banks are able to concentrate on newer products and improving relationships with their customers.

Key focus areas

Cheque Imaging and Payment Processing

NCR's cheque imaging and payment processing scanners and transports cover the spectrum of item volumes. There are "tabletop" units that enable tellers to image items at the point of acceptance, medium volume systems that can process large batches from several branches, and high volume payment processing systems that process millions of items every day.

Intelligent Deposit Business Services

NCR Intelligent Deposit Business Services dramatically improve a branch's performance by reducing costs, enhancing profitability, and increasing customer satisfaction. By processing daily deposit-based transactions like bulk cash and multiple cheque deposit, bill or loan repayment through your self-service network, you will no longer be faced with closing time rushes so you can control your teller resource levels more effectively.

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