News: Can you keep up with your company’s IT infrastructure?


With all the new challenges of these days, companies and organisations are increasingly looking for ways to increase their productivity by focusing on their business. With the advent of mobile technology, cloud services and various internet threats, companies are becoming more aware of the benefits of aligning with companies that provide Managed Services.

Comprehensive and flexible Managed Services, enable businesses to free resources in order to focus on strategic initiatives and new projects rather than engaging in firefighting efforts to maintain their systems.

The evolving technology puts additional pressure on companies to hire specialised staff to cover the diversity in technology. If we just take mobile devices, they come in three flavours:  iOS for iPhones and iPad’s, Andriod and Windows.  The same happens in applications, as some use MS SQL, others use Oracle, and you will find applications running on premise whilst others as a service on the cloud. As the businesses grow, so does the need to rapidly scale, deploy and manage IT services.   

Managed Services providers are designed to cater for this diversity with people specialised in different areas of operation and take out the headache for businesses of having to engage in an ever more sophisticated IT recruitment process.

Most of all, by providing flexible services, Managed Services providers personalise the services to their client’s budget, availability and needs.   Businesses that opt to outsource their IT to a Managed Services company such as PTL will benefit from overall cost effectiveness as well as peace of mind with reduced operational risk through better systems functionality and availability.

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