News: Picturing Business Value - By Julian Sant Fournier

It has been proven that eyes and minds have the natural capability and disposition to analyse pictures. Today’s competitive landscape is increasingly dynamic and organisations have to respond quickly to market pressures and opportunities. The vast amount of data available today has caused an information overload and executives have less time to analyse and take decisions. 

The challenge lies in finding new ways to analyse information quickly, leading to insights using natural image process capability to understand pictures. The solution lies in creating graphical visual representations of information, which can present complex information rapidly and clearly. In essence, it is about creating business stories that every business person can understand.

Imagine you can paint a picture of your own business story using images and colours which depict processes and measures representing key performance indicators enabling you to manage your business better. Today this is possible by incorporating infographics to present business intelligence data in formats that are delineated and simple to process and analyse.