Partners: NCR

Consumer Experience Matters

NCR is the world leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. Through NCR software, hardware and portfolio of services, more than 300 million transactions are possible every day.

NCR’s goal is to create exceptional experiences so that your customers continue to return. NCR always devises ways to make your business run smoothly and more profitably, so you can remain focused on what matters.

Example Solutions

Payment and Imaging

NCR’s payment processing and document imaging scanning solutions are built on a foundation of long-established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, integrated with a full range of high quality imaging transports, scanners and ATMs, and supported by global customer service.

Self-Service ATMs and Banking Software

NCR has been the world’s number one ATM manufacturer for more than 23 years. Beyond being a provider of ATMs, NCR leads the banking technology field in innovation, banking transactions, managed services, ATM security, and ATM Software.


NCR Financial Kiosks are a range of self-service banking kiosks that give consumers choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions through a more convenient channel. Both flexible and compact, NCR Financial Kiosks provide a complementary banking channel in branches or off-premise locations.

NCR Cash Recycler

The NCR Cash Recycler is a teller cash recycler that automates cash handling at the teller line. With eight Rolled Storage Modules, NCR teller cash recyclers are capable of accepting and dispensing numerous denominations and multiple currencies. Designed to improve the productivity of the teller’s role, the NCR Cash Recycler speeds up transactions, reduces wait times and improves customer interaction.

Point of Sale Systems

NCR provides innovative, yet highly durable POS hardware for hospitality operations worldwide. These tools, which include terminals, handhelds, PC workstations and kiosks solutions, provide innovative POS functionality in high transaction environments, and even withstand food, grease and dirt.