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Maximise your enterprise information for improved decision-making, effectiveness, and strategic impact

OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information Management. EIM enables organisations to grow their business, lower costs of operations, and reduce information governance and security-related risks. OpenText focuses on the key drivers of business success to improve business insight, strengthen business impact, accelerate process velocity, address information governance and provide security.

OpenText strives to enrich the way people use information. It fosters innovation, is trusted in relationships, committed to excellence in everything that it does, and works with stakeholders, demonstrating honesty and passion towards common goals.

Example Solutions

Enterprise Content Management

From information capture to classification, management, distribution, storage, archiving, and disposition, enterprise content management software manages the flow of information across the organisation. Fast and seamless access from any environment, be it web, desktop, mobile, or embedded within business processes and applications, ensures user productivity and organisational efficiency.

Business Process Management

As part of Enterprise Information Management by OpenText, Business Process Management helps organisations work more efficiently, improve the optimisation of complex processes, and outperform their business goals with real-time business insight.

Content Management Overview

OpenText content management products enable more effective capture of all types of information - both structured and unstructured - and deliver it in context across any application, platform, or process. With secure access to information from any device or location, you can ensure that your people have the information they need, when and how they need it, to work more effectively.