Solutions: Video Analytics

Use intelligent monitoring to help you understand your customer better

Video Analytics is the combination of using CCTV video feed and performing complex analytics to the video stream to identify people and their movements. Set up rules and obtain useful information to take important decisions about your security.

Such information may include people movement patterns, length of queue, length of wait periods, number of people gathering in a specific area and other rules and combinations of rules.

The output is a comprehensive and consistent report on customer patterns, over any period, providing complete information to help your organisation solidify its customer service.


3xLOGIC's Intelligent Video Analytics module effectively detects, classifies and tracks video content in order to provide real-time alerts and automatic video analysis according to pre-defined rules and scenarios, thereby optimizing the decision-making process of loss prevention and operation personnel with no additional hardware requirements.

Example Solutions

In Depth Analysis

Advanced video analytics network camera software is able to deeply analyse video feeds, to a degree impossible for the human eye. The software looks beyond an entire image, breaking the image down pixel by pixel. Even the smallest changes in the image can be picked up by the software.

Real-Time, Automated Video Monitoring

Despite the depth of analysis provided by the software, all of this monitoring is done in real time. Incredibly accurate surveys of video data with no time lag at all: that's powerful! Unlike security personnel, the software is always at work. It never gets tired, never takes a break.

Decrease Cost of Labour

Reduce your need for security personnel through the use of video analytics. With the computer on the job, you can reduce the number of people you have doing nothing more than watching monitors, and focus the attention of your security staff to working on the ground and taking care of any potential threats first-hand.

Motion Detection and Object Recognition

The advanced technology of video analytics can perform numerous useful functions. One is motion detection, which can be set to various levels of sensitivity. Many versions of video analytics network camera software are also capable of object recognition. It can be programmed to distinguish objects from each other, for example, or to recognise a single specific object and catch on if the object should change or be removed.

Alerts and Notifications

With advanced real-time analysis being performed by the software, there are many options available for event management. For example, should motion be detected by the video analytic system, alarms could be sounded in the building. E-mail or other notification can be automatically sent to the owner, security staff, and others. The system can also be connected to third party hardware, such as doors or lights, for a multitude of functions.