News: Pacom Introduces 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller


Monday, 15th September 2014

Pacom Systems officially launches integrated security platform with combined capabilities of an IP-based access control and alarm panel.

SYDNEY, AUS – (September 15, 2014) – Pacom Systems announces the official launch of the 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller. Pacom now expands its expertise and marketing leading position across a wide range of industries, through the design of a fully integrated security controller that combines the critical capabilities of an IP-based alarm panel, access control panel and multi-card reader interface into a single, cost-effective device.

Specifically engineered for convenient installation in any location rated for a 3U rack mount device and compact in size, the new 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller can operate standalone for smaller or remote environments where real estate is a factor. It can also be easily incorporated into a fully integrated alarm and access control system for enterprise-wide, multi-site applications. Users can conveniently configure the controller via an embedded web interface or by using the advanced Pacom Windows-based management software, which can also be used to remotely and easily monitor a large number of protected facilities simultaneously.

One application where the 8003 controller provides customers with a perfect solution is the security and monitoring of ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines).Where upon the detection of a malfunction, the system can identify the issue and help ensure that the deployed technician is properly equipped for the required repairs. This feature also extends to internal equipment, such as seismic/vibration sensors, where self-test failures are reported automatically. These capabilities can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to diagnose and resolve any system problems. Importantly, all facility status and service activities are presented in real-time – along with rigorous authentication processes for service technicians – diminishing the potential for risk, crime and loss of assets during service calls.

The 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller also boasts eight on-board zones, eight outputs and supports up to 500,000 cards/users and 50,000 offline transactions with the addition of an on-board plugin in expansion modules and a secure digital (SD) card slot. The 8003 can also support up to 64 zones that can be grouped into as many as 32 areas, and up to four card readers can be connected directly to the 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller. Alarm communications occur via a specified data network or framework using IP, GPRS, PSTN or other signaling means in a hierarchical manner, based on availability and cost. The device can be configured to reflect daily opening and closing schedules, and also offers two-door access control capability.

“The 8003 represents Pacom’s commitment and expertise in providing integrated security solutions that offer flexibility, ease of use, interoperability, reliability, high performance levels and cost effectiveness,” said Gavin O´Keeffe, Director of Product Management for Pacom Systems. “Pacom can now offer existing and new customers alike a solution that significantly improves their return on investment through a dedicated, well-designed security solution that has been carefully engineered to not only match, but exceed their needs, and at the same time, drastically reduce the threat of customer harm or loss of assets. The 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller delivers more power and flexibility than any other integrated security panel in its class.”

For more information on the new 8003 Pacom-Edge Intelligent Security Controller, and Pacom’s extensive suite of products, please visit, or visit Pacom at booth 1911 at ASIS 2014, September 29-October 1 in Atlanta for a demonstration of the product.

About Pacom Systems
Pacom Systems, a part of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), is a global leader in integrated security solutions in the area of multi-site solutions and campus style environments. Pacom has been pioneering security solutions over IP networks for more than 30 years and is trusted by some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and central monitoring stations.

Pacom operates world-wide with representation in more than 60 countries and offices in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Spain and Sweden. 

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