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Fog Bandit: Security Fogging System

Bandit Fogging Systems were first designed & developed by the Belgium based manufacturer, Bandit n.v./s.a., in 1992. The vast majority of systems sold since then are still in service today. Bandit UK Ltd was established in October 2004 to market the systems to the UK and Irish marketplaces.

The Bandit’s patented design and unprecedented track record of performance & reliability, has earned it a reputation that has attracted end users from all spectrums of the business world. From blue chip companies to corner stores, the FOG BANDIT is widely used to protect people and assets against the threats of robbery and burglary across Financial Institutions, CViT and Cash Processing, Retail, Warehouse Distribution, Leisure, and Public Sectors.

Product Lines

Fog Bandit System

What is BANDIT? The BANDIT protects your staff, Customers, Property and Goods by powerfully ejecting a harmless dense fog into the premises at around 28 cubic metres per second, pushing any would be burglar back the way they came, empty handed! The fog will act as a shield and deterrent and will cut visual contact with the protected goods. The fog will take approximately 20 minutes to dissipate leaving the intruder unable to act and with no choice but to exit the protected area.

How does BANDIT work?

BANDIT is a standalone security system and always ready for action: > It can be triggered in a robbery situation by pressing a panic button connected directly to the BANDIT control unit. > Can be set on standby for burglary using passive infrared detectors (PIR’s) within the protected area during a closed period. > Can also be triggered by connecting it to your premise alarm system, we will gladly assist your alarm company to make the connections during installation.

Key product features:

> Fastest & highest density fogging system on the market > Reaction time to full speed fog ejection just 0.1 second! > Delivers 28 cubic metres of fog per second @ 30cm density > Exceptionally low running cost > Leaves NO residue