Solutions: Document Management

A holistic approach to manage organisational resources

Our solutions help you manage information through its lifecycle, improve business productivity, mitigate risk, and control costs of growing volumes of content without compromising compliance and security requirements.

The software unites capture, document management, records management, workflow, archiving, cloud storage, search and eDiscovery to minimise organizational risk and cost, and maximise business insight and efficiency. From information capture, to classification, management, distribution, storage, archiving and disposition, it manages the flow of information across the organisation.

Fast and seamless access from any environment (web, desktop, mobile, cloud, or embedded within business processes and applications) ensures user productivity and organisational efficiency. Unleash the power of your information to optimise business processes, provide deeper insight into your information, and meet your information governance, compliance and security needs.

Key focus areas

Content Management

Maximize the value of your enterprise information for improved decision making, effectiveness and strategic impact. • Improve personal and team productivity • Extract the value from your corporate information assets • Increase ROI (Return on investment) through low cost deployment and ownership

Records Management

Improve corporate accountability, ensure compliance, and minimise the risk and cost of litigation with records management. • Meets worldwide compliance regulations • Ensures the integrity of enterprise information • Defensibly delete enterprise content based on policies and regulations


Implement defensible, long-term archiving strategies to manage risk, intelligently govern today’s data types and volumes while controlling costs. • Cost-effective and smart storage for enterprise content • Ensure content integrity,avoid redundancy while meeting legal and compliance requirements • Capture, access and manage enterprise content in a single, scalable repository