Solutions: Productivity and Virtualisation

Switch to virtualisation now and reap the benefits

Virtualisation offers a wide range of benefits, from IT to organisational to economical, for businesses of all sizes. With virtualisation you can quickly deploy and manage virtual servers without complexity. By implementing a virtualised server environment, you can maximise capacity, minimise downtime, and increase productivity.

Key focus areas


Due to the rise in the cost of managing and securing PCs, many companies have searched for alternatives. This often leads them to desktop virtualisation and lower-cost hardware options like thin clients. Virtualisation enables the separation of key desktop elements for better manageability and instant desktop configuration that is based on users who logs in and their role within the organisation.


Improve productivity, reduce IT infrastructure and increase network security by migrating to a Virtual Server environment, using VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V technology. IBM also offers a rich, diverse and integrated array of server virtualisation technologies, System x, Power Systems as well as the services and software and other infrastructure elements to help simplify and automate management of the computing environment.


Enable continuous application availability and eliminate any single point of failure within your IT environment through synchronous data mirroring or turn your internal server storage into fully virtualised, clustered, shared and highly available data stores. Our storage virtualisation solutions will decrease any downtime and increase availability.