Solutions: Self Service

The Self-Service Revolution is Real!

It’s a world where convenience and customization are the norm, and customers come first. It’s about preference and presence and knowing what your customers want, and knowing exactly when and where to offer it to them. And in today’s world, customers are loyal to experiences… not companies.

Banks are facing a constant challenge to build relationships with customers who aren’t visiting their branch anymore.

Personalising self-service banking allow banks to reduce operational costs and tailor customer interactions while generating new revenues from servicing customers across the ATM, mobile and internet channels.

Key focus areas

Self-Service Software

Transform your ATM self-service network into a powerful marketing channel, with high-impact advertising and promotions using APTRA Promote. APTRA Relate integrates with your CRM system, allowing you to deliver relevant, timely marketing messages to your customers and make their self-service experience easier and more customised.


PTL presents best-in-class ATM machines offering cash dispensing machines and multi-function and intelligent deposit ATMs. NCR is universally acknowledged as the global leader in banking self-service solutions with more than 24 consecutive years as the global number one manufacturer of ATMs.

Kiosk and Checkout

For retail POS (Point of sale) systems and solutions, including self-checkout and self-service kiosks, bill payment or gift registry, you can depend on NCR to deliver the best in retail self-service. Our versatile self-service kiosk solutions raise the bar for speed, convenience and control in your retail operations. Our retail POS systems are found worldwide in any format your store may need.