Solutions: Workflow Management

Analyzing and implementing streamlined processes is crucial for improving productivity, increasing operational efficiencies and cost savings, and reducing legal and compliance risks.

Collaborative workflow processes are central to business success, moving content and knowledge among workers and through business process stages. Filling out purchase orders, reviewing public-facing marketing documents, and processing loan approvals - these are just a few examples of business activities that involve a number of employees, and rely on multi-step workflows.

Our workflow solutions will help you reduce paper-based processes to minimize costs, streamline processes, map processes, increase employee efficiency, optimize corporate performance with end-user friendly reporting and reduce risk by enforcing standard policies and procedures.

The solution helps to unite the people, processes and content that move workflows. It provides tools to automate, analyze, and streamline business processes. The workflow should integrate everyday business processes with your IT systems to significantly improve productivity and efficiency and reduce costs.

Key focus areas

Rule based Workflows

Configurable rules automate the route each form takes as it travels through your business. You specify the information that can or must be entered at each stage of its journey. Alerts, sent to your staff's desktop or mobile device, speed up and complete the workflow process. Each form can encompass unlimited levels of approval and authorisation. Alerts and reminders prompt your staff to originate, amend or approve forms as necessary.


Forms and steps in each process can be authorised by the originator if they have the authority to do so. Complex forms may need to be checked, approved or authorised by dozens of staff. The system can replicate your existing procedures or significantly tighten them up. You can set as many levels of authorisation as required, from simple one-step approvals to routines that encompass all the people and departments necessary to meet your stringent procedures.

Governance & Control

Two-way integration with the core business and finance system extends visibility to those hard-to-reach areas of your business. Information can be shared with customer, supplier and employee records and analysed to provide a wealth of statistics and reports. Managers and staff are better informed, minimising the risk that anything will be hidden, overlooked or forgotten.